4 Interesting Facts About Smoothies

4 Interesting Facts About Smoothies

There is almost nothing better than a refreshingly sweet smoothie, especially on a hot day spent at the beach. Did you know that smoothies are not a modern health trend? They have been around for years! There are many interesting facts about the delicious treat. At Smoothie Social Cafe, we don’t just provide you with flavorful smoothies, we create an environment for you to sip and get social. We also like to provide our customers with interesting facts about our favorite drink. If you want to learn more about smoothies, keep reading!

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Smoothies Date Back 100’s Of Years

Smoothies date back hundreds of years ago. Mediterranean and Eastern cultures were the first to create the delicious pureed fruit drinks. Although our version of smoothies may look different today than they did back then, we have them to thank for coming up with our favorite fruity drinks!

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Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

The international smoothie industry is a multi-billion dollar industry! However, we don’t find that too surprising. People all over the world love to indulge in delicious smoothies. Smoothies have gained popularity in many different cultures, shaping smoothies to fit their lifestyle!

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Gained Popularity in The 1930s

Smoothies packed with fruits and vegetables became exceptionally popular in the United States in the 1930s. Smoothies were being sold in health food stores and eventually got even more popular in the 1960s with the health food movement.

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Smoothie Social Cafe Smoothies Are All Natural

Although smoothie recipes can vary from place to place, our smoothies are all natural. We believe in giving you all of the goodness that your body deserves while keeping them tasty. With us, you don’t have to choose between health and a treat!

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